Bosch Cordless Drills Reviews 2017 – Top 10 List With Ratings 2015

In this article we all review the top 10 rated cordless exercises from the Bosch brand. There are many guys away there who simply love this brand and can usually buy from all of them on a regular basis. Personally We buy all my backyard tools from them because I think they make great lawnmowers, strimmers and so forth For my power tools I buy Dewalt, but for the ones that love this brand, they do have a nice range of drills and accessories then. They are certainly well rated by their purchasers and that after all is the central thing.
Below a table has been included by me that lists these so as you can do a quick comparison. You can sort this table by clicking on the filters also. As you can see from this they may be a very distinctive brand and the quality of their drills is extremely high.
After the desk I have included a brief summary review upon each of these products. We will include a link from each of the summaries to a more detailed content should you wish to find out more about any kind of specific drill.

About the Bosch Group

The Bosch Group is definitely a really huge brand that generated product sales of around $62 Billion a yr. They are made up of a true number of groups and subsidiaries. Their objective is that “ Bosch enhances the quality of life by providing solutions which are both beneficial and innovative. ”
They will have been in business for approximately 130 years and therefore are a well known producer of tools and consumer electronics throughout the world. On average they shall send out into the market around 100 new and improved tools every single year.
Just below you shall find a table that lists their top rated cordless drills.

Bosch Cord-less Drills Comparison Desk

Bosch DDS181-02 Model

This is with a very long way their finest selling model just like be evidenced simply by over 200 purchaser reviews at Amazon . com who give this an excellent rating of 4. 6 away of 5 celebrities, which is right up there with the most of them. This is an extremely high quality products and pertaining to the average price tag of around $160, it is thought by us does represent very good value for money.
This does regular jobs around the house but it has in fact been designed being a heavy duty drill therefore can also handle individuals tougher jobs that require a bit of real capacity to do. It uses an 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery and what we should like best relating to this one is that it is little and compact enough to let you work in small or confined spaces.

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Bosch HDS181-02 Model

This one has a comparable price tag and suits into the typical cost range of Bosch exercises which is among $160-200. This particular HDS181-02 model has over 100 buyer reviews who this on on average at 4 rate. 7 out of five stars, which is definitely slightly higher than their finest selling product that i have shown above.
Once again this is an 18 volt Li-Ion electric battery and if you buy that one you will get two of the batteries along with the exercise. It is a 2-speed drill which has variable speed built into it also. Like many in the Bosch range this is constructed as a rugged design which means it works well for contractors and professionals and can endure abuse. The casing is made of a blend so it will not split or break in the event you drop it by chance.

Bosch DDS181-01 Model

This one is a lot newer to the market so there are less than as many reviews offered just yet. From those that do exist they rate this one highly at a whopping 4 also. almost eight out of five stars. Now it is on the higher end of the Bosch price point, but the drill is got by you, a charger, 2 electric batteries and a case get.
This drill is certainly small, compact and light but packed with power which is why users really like this product. The grip on this you are great and it comes with an LED light so as you can see the job space if you happen to take dark or restricted spaces, and that is useful always.
They have an 1/2″ key less chick, 2-speeds and 18 clutch configurations so ideal for numerous of drilling jobs.

Bosch DDS180-02 Model

This is about $140 and once again is a good selling item. There are plenty of reviews for this product and overall it is given by them an average of 4. 6 out of 5 stars which yet is a very good rating by any standards again. Such as the others this is an 18 volt item which can pack lots of power.
Like the others this has a good durable design and that helps it be suitable for taking lots of use. Bosch genuinely have taken care to makes their exercises compact and light-weight and yet retain lots of power whenever you require it.
The model that I have reviewed is a slightly newer version of this product below, but this one sells really well

Bosch DDS181-102L Model

As I described earlier this is the more recent version of the DDS180. It is more expensive although at around $180 but you do get more value for your money. This one has a solid storage package which is an excellent item. Again Bosch possess used the 18 volt Li-Ion electric batteries to power this drill.
The storage space box is a part of a bigger storage program that Bosch designed as it allows companies to stack power tools on top of each other for easy storage space. They call this the L-BOXX program so if you are a service provider or professional this really is a great way of keeping tools like this exercise in your van or lorry.
When you receive this drill it comes charged fully. Additionally, it has a flash light with it in fact it is quiet when being used.
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Bosch DDB180-02 Model

This DDB180-02 model is definitely again at the high end of the price point range and you can get it, based on where you purchase this, for around $200. This really is a real lightweight exercise weighing in in 3 lbs therefore no danger of hand or provide fatigue when using this.
It has an LED light also, comes with two batteries at 18 volts each and a carrying case. This has a 15 placement clutch that will stop you from stripping screw mind and it is a exercise that feels great to use. They have 2 speeds, is well balanced and light and nice.
The full case has plenty of room to hold drill bits and other accessories which is handy.

Bosch DDS182-02 Model

This model costs around $180 which one is fairly new so not a large numbers of reviews to take. Of those that exist they rate this 4. 2 away of 5 celebrities so this is the cheapest rated drill in the top 10 list. 4 Now. 2 continues to be a good rating however it remains lower than all the others.
I place that down to a value for money reason. With many of the others the price is lower and you may get a little extra as well slightly. With this model it uses a brushless motor and that is within essence why this costs more. In case you have used a exercise for any length of time you will be aware that the motor may wear out. It isn’ t usually the motor at all however the brushes wearing out around the motor. They then have to be replaced which is usually a pain to do or expensive to have completed.
With the brushless motor this nagging problem does not happen so the drill will last a lot longer.

Bosch PS31-2A Model

This really is a 2-speed drill/driver kit that is a extremely popular choice for many people. This is short long and also brief in height and this is exactly what many users enjoy about this one. We might almost call this a stubby drill/driver but it certainly packages into its little frame an incredible quantity of power.
The people who buy this are trades people who do a complete lot of overhead work such as electricians, HVAC engineers, anyone doing cable operating etc . It is also a great choice for anyone who has to work in tight or confined spaces regularly. They have a well placed LED light as well simply above the induce and that also helps a lot in limited areas.
So in summary a complete lot of power in a small package and perfect for overhead work.

Bosch HDS182-02L Model

Another model from Bosch but this time around this is classed like a “ hammer exercise. ” This is a difficult rugged drill that uses the brushless motor style which i have mentioned currently. You are at the high end of the cost scale with this which will set you back about $240 so definitely not a cheap option.
If you have to do a complete lot of drilling into concrete or masonry of any kind, you will always need a good quality hammer drill then. This is about as good a one as I have reviewed and seen. There really is a complete lot to like about this one but it has a stiff price point.
There are a few little accessories with this one like a belt clip and a four suggestion bit holder and bits and you get a really good storage case.

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Bosch HDS182BL Model

This is the final 1 on our list and it is known as the uncovered tool version. That means that it comes without a battery simply. If you have other 18 volt batteries that you use in other Bosch tools then it will even fit this exercise. If you don’ t have that it means you will have to buy a battery also.
Many manufacturers try this types of model where a single cord-less battery fits a number of their equipment and in this case this drill is exactly what Bosch offer with this product. You do obtain the high quality case but for me in around $150 I might expect to have a battery pack included and that can be not the case.
There is no question that it is a good enough product, but unless you own a Bosch battery already, it is one that a miss would be given by us.

Summary from the Bosch Cordless Exercises

So folks there it is had by you, an overview review of what we believe to be the top 10 Bosch cordless drills. This is why they sit in the $140-200 range and are designed to end up being rugged and very powerful and durable. Almost all of all of them have been designed for heavier drilling needs and so they all use the Lithium-Ion 18 volt battery pack type for power.
Judging by the regularly high ratings there is absolutely no doubt that should you choose to buy one of these, they are indeed a very high quality so we are sure that you shall not be at all disappointed. The biggest problem for many people here will be the price. Other manufacturers like Black & Decker have more affordable exercises and we have evaluated those here. What you are getting with Bosch is more suited to someone who does a complete lot of home projects, or work as a trades person or in a trade or contractor style of business.
There is a great deal to be said meant for owning a Bosch exercise as they do come with an excellent customer service and also good support. We all understand that the price stage is high, but that is what you shall pay for a high quality cordless drill from Bosch. You have found this useful and informative Hopefully.

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