Best Miter Saw Reviews 2017 Buying Guide

Miter saws, often referred to as cut saws are probably the most popular saws that are currently available in the market. They can easily get mixed up with circular saws however. So just before we all look at them in more detail I would like to be crystal clear on what the distinctions are between the 3 names that I have got mentioned.
A spherical saw is the same as a chop saw and it is used to make directly cuts in wooden or other materials. A miter saw can make straight cuts, but can make angled or miter cuts also, and some of them can make bevel cuts also.
Want look at the different types of miter saws that are available and what they are actually employed for. I will also have got some reviews upon here on the greatest ones that are available in the market.

Dewalt DW715 Miter Noticed

For those who are in a hurry , nor have time to examine this all I might simply recommend the very best miter saw out there right now which may be the Dewalt DW715.
Almost this will be the choice of professionals and contractors always. With a powerful brand behind it you are definitely this will last you for many years to arrive.
This has everything you shall ever need in a miter saw and more.
It has a complete 15 Amps of power with four, 000 rpm. By using a 120 Watt motor that has tool bearings and offers automatic electric brake systems.

Hitachi C10FCE2 Miter Saw

Dewalt tools can be costly so a popular choice for individuals on a tighter spending budget is the Hitachi C10FCE2 which you can read about simply by clicking here. This really is one of the best selling miter saws on the market at this time at a very inexpensive price.
This one is a corded version and is well rated for its portability and accuracy
Ideally if the Dewalt can be afforded by you I have mentioned above that is a better saw, however for anyone who will not want to dash out that kind of money, then this Hitachi is much more good and affordable quality as well. Read my detailed overview of this Hitachi miter saw by clicking on here.
I have also included a top 10 list of the most well-known miter saws beneath for your comfort.

Top 10 Miter Saws In 2017

Dewalt DWS780

This is the top selling miter saw out there right now for companies and professionals. Additionally it is the number one choice for those who do a lot of tasks around the home and want something that can cut just about anything.
That one gets great rankings of 4. 7 out of five and is in my opinion a rating that is extremely well deserved. The brand any professional will recognise and they do get most things right instantly.
The same can be stated for the DWS780 which you can read much more detail by clicking on here.

Exactly what are Miter Saws Employed for?

First of all the expressed word miter can be spelled as a “ miter” or as a “ mitre” and both of these spellings are used commonly. I have no basic idea why, but both can be found. I am speculating that “ mitre” is the original English spelling and the miter is the American version of that expressed word.
The name of the real cut is called a miter and the noticed is what is used to help make the actual cut. Typically this is a sign up for where two items of wood are joined up with together. The most common make use of is for picture structures for the sides in the sides. Have a look at the picture below and you shall see what I mean. You will see this on door frames and base boards also.
The objective of using a particular noticed is to make a precise cross cut and a perfect miter joint. There are three means of doing this which are:

  1. Utilizing a miter box – a popular and cheap option
  2. still

  3. A manual miter saw – utilized mainly by enthusiasts
  4. A charged power miter saw – utilized by serious professionals, keen contractors and DIY

The Miter Box

This really is a box in to which you place a part of wood, and on this are sets of angles. You then how to use ordinary saw to help make the cut through the wood, using the angles on the container as a guideline.
These types of boxes are the least expensive method of doing a cut and are ideal for somebody who only needs to get this to type of joint now and then.
They work fine perfectly, however , the best restriction is the thickness of the piece of wooden that you need to cut. The biggest width that you can cut is around 3&#8243 Typically;.
These are ideal for small jobs, but be aware of their thickness limitations. You do of course have to saw through the wood but nonetheless manually, they offer an accurate means of producing a very good miter cut.
A common issue with these, is that the saw starts to cut through the plastic or wooden box eventually. That does happen but it would take a complete lot of use to get into that sort of condition. The second option is an actual manual miter saw which requires you to saw through the wood also, yet is comes as just one unit. This is demonstrated below.

Manual Miter Saw

The second option is the one that is favoured by many hobby and DIY enthusiasts. Have a look at the picture as that will assist it easier to understand. This one works on the basis that you can do a true number of different angled cuts. Once again the piece is placed by you of wood to be cut along the saw guide.
The base swivels to whichever angle you want then, and you bring the saw blade down on top of the wood then. This is very just like the principle of the miter box we explained above, but these types of saws have more angle choices typically, and come with a built-in and guided saw.
The one thing I detest about these, is they do take up quite a bit of room when being stored. You are also restricted by the width of the wood Again. I have also found from experience that obtaining replacement blades could be a real pain in the butt.

Power Miter Saws

These are with a very long way the most famous choice for miter saws. The full days of manual cutting have all but gone, and these new run miter saws are used by both DO-IT-YOURSELF enthusiasts and by the experts. They are very accurate and get the working job done very quickly. They are obviously more expensive, but that is the price you have to pay for accuracy and speed.
To avoid any confusion these saws can be called a “ drop saw, ” or a “ chop saw. ” As I described earlier they are different thing, though based on where you live, these true names can be used or mis-used. Miter saws are a circular saw simply, which are portable and small, and will have a blade size of around 8-12&#8243 usually;.
The piece of wood becoming cut is kept against a fencing and the spinning steering wheel is then attracted down across the wooden. Many angles are available and these are adjusted by swivelling the base simply. Common angles are provided and on almost all of these charged power tools, and these are known as prevents. This is because as you swivel the base it will click and stop at these set angles automatically.

Types of Power Miter Saws

These fundamentally come in three different kinds and it is important to be familiar with differences.

  • Standard Miter Saw
  • Compound Miter Saw
  • Sliding Substance Miter Saw

Let’ s have a look at each type so as to understand the differences fully. Check out the video beneath to get a general understanding. Below the video I have provided a written explanation.

Standard Miter Noticed

This will be the cheapest from the three and will permit you to make a variety of miter angled cuts. The blade shall always remain vertical so this type of saw will provide accurate straight miter cuts. The blade cannot be tilted so you can not really do bevels. The angle is created simply by pulling out the deal with at the bottom, and turning the base to make the required angle then. Several come with a laser gun so as you can easily find where the saw will probably cut.
If you had been working on a project that required some simple straight miter slashes, a tool like this is perfectly adequate for most people then. These are in fact quite difficult to discover as they have been changed with the Compound edition, which is more useful and the price difference is very small.

Compound Miter Saw

In addition to being able to make an accurate miter cut, this type of saw will allow you to introduce a bevel also. This is because the actual cutting steering wheel can be angled. This is used a complete lot for work such as crown mouldings. The most common compound miter saw is what can be termed a single actions.
That means simply the cutting blade can simply be tilted to 1 side. If the feature is seen by you dual action, this implies the blade could be tilted in possibly direction – remaining or right. That is helpful as it halts you having to move the material about as you simply point the saw instead of move the materials.
This is something that will be used by contractors of professionals. A bit is taken by it of practise to learn the angles of the joints etc, so not one for the person who will want to do a few projects around the true home. That said, if you can pay the extra little bit of cash for this one, then at least you have that extra option of being able to do both bevels and miters.

Slipping Compound Miter Noticed

This really is identical to the 1 above except for 1 feature. This particular saw can be used for cutting wide boards and the saw comes with sliding arms really. This really is right at the top end of miter saws and will set you back a number of dollars. That said, it shall for most people be a one-off lifetime purchase, as you shall only ever need to buy one of these.
Blades for cutting different materials are available and there are plenty of replacement blades available always.
So hopefully you have a better understanding of what miter saws are available now. The bottom line is that the more features you need or need, the more costly the saw is going to be then. The other things that impact on price may be the brand you prefer as well as the quality and power of the tool.

Which Miter Noticed Should You Buy?

The choice comes down to 3 main considerations;

  1. Whatever you are going to use it to get?
  2. How often could it be used
  3. Your budget

If you are an expert, a contractor you will need the sliding compound miter saw then. If you are a critical DIY person, somebody who likes doing larger projects, the slipping saw is ideal yet more than likely a good substance miter saw is going to do your job just as well. The only decision to make there is the width of the wood you shall be cutting.
For someone who is only going to need to use this kind of cut a little I would suggest a simple miter container and then just make use of your own noticed. I would avoid the manual miter saw as a box does the same job completely, and storing one of these manual miters is a pain just.
For many individuals then a good quality power compound miter noticed is the ideal choice. Your available budget can determine which brand you can afford and these start at about $80 and increase to around $250, depending on features and brand. It is also a really good idea to have a miter noticed stand as this makes this saw a good deal easier to use.
The best vendor on Amazon simply by some considerable method is the Hitachi 10-Inch Compound Miter Noticed and you can read a complete review on it the following. It is a great value price and is rated highly.

Primary Features of A Substance Miter Saw

The main features you should think about are:

  • Do a standard is needed by you, compound or a sliding compound for the working job?
  • The knife – what it is made from and its size
  • The dimensions of the fence
  • Miter range of cuts
  • Bevel Angles – Dual
  • or Single

  • Size of Motor to get power

Picking the right miter saw for your needs depends upon the type of job you require it to do. For straight miters and cuts the standard is all you need. If you need bevels and miters you will need a compound. If you need miters, bevels and also need to work on wide boards you will need the sliding compound then.
Hopefully this post has provided you with enough useful information to find the best miter saw for your needs on the market today.

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